Half Marathon 


Saturday, July 8th, 2017

Start Times

Half Marathon: 7:00 am (Wave 1) and 7:03 am (Wave 2)

Time Limit

3 hours 15 minutes (strictly enforced)


In order to participate in this race you must be able to maintain an average pace of 15:00 minutes per mile. Run/walk intervals are fine, but walking the entire half marathon is strictly prohibited.

Walkers are welcome in the 5k race.

Start & Finish Location: Ocean Gateway Terminal

The start of the half marathon and the finish lines for both the half marathon and 5k races will be located at Ocean Gateway Terminal area. The start of the 5k is 1 mile away on Cutter St. The finish line for both races is at the Ocean Gateway. The terminal facility consists of the following elements: 1) the long pier will be the half marathon start chute for the first wave (starting at 7:00am), 2) the queuing lanes will be the half marathon start chute for the second wave (starting at 7:03am), 3) registration packet pickup will be located in the Amethyst parking lot, 4) the finish line will be located in the parking lot, 5) the post-race beer garden will be located in the Amethyst Lot, and 6) porta-potties will be located near the start line.

Spectators may view the start of the half marathon from the ramp that leads up to the Terminal building.


Registration Fees

Half Marathon:

Opening Registration Special: Until 08/31/16 at 11:59 pm: $50

Wicked Low Tide Registration:  09/01 until 10/21/16 at 11:59 pm EDT: $55

Low Tide Registration: 10/22 until 12/31/16 at 11:59 pm EST: $60

Rising Tide Registration: 01/01 until 05/12/17 at 11:59 pm EDT: $65

High Tide Registration: 05/13 until 07/07/17 at 11:59 pm EDT: $70

Race Day Registration: 07/07 until 07/08: $75


VIP Half Marathon:

Opening Registration Special: Until 08/31/16 at 11:59 pm: $105

Wicked Low Tide Registration:  09/01 until 10/21/16 at 11:59 pm EDT: $110

Low Tide Registration: 10/22 until 12/31/16 at 11:59 pm EST: $115

Rising Tide Registration: 01/01 until 05/12/17 at 11:59 pm EDT: $120

High Tide Registration: 05/13 until 07/07/17 at 11:59 pm EDT: $125



What is included with my registration fee?:

  • Access to the Health and Fitness Exposition on Friday
  • Custom finisher’s medal for the Half Marathon
  • Two complimentary beers after the finish from Shipyard Brewing Company
  • Post race food, including bagels, bananas and other snack foods
  • High resolution race photos of nearly every participant will be made available about 4 days after the race: download to computer, email to yourself or friend, share on Facebook, and Tweet
  • High quality, personalized race video from iRewind.com
  • Real time results on your phone, including splits via our Race Joy App
  • Live tracking, if you carry your smart phone on the run
  • The ability to rent locker space or a free bag drop if all items fit inside a single one gallon zip lock bag

What extra amenities are included in the VIP Registration?

Do you want to run the Old Port in style? Would you rather not wait in line to park, pick up your bib, get to a start area portable toilet or get your complimentary post race beers? If so, the VIP Registration Option is for you. Along with race registration and everything that all of our runners are entitled to, you get:

  • A streamlined bib pick up, (your bib and any merchandise already in a VIP bag).
  • Separate VIP portable toilets at the start area.
  • Reserved VIP parking
  • A small locker
  • The full dye sublimated tech race shirt.
  • A separate server in the beer garden.
  • Our refund option.

Pamper yourself and be a VIP while you are in the Old Port.

Half Marathon Finisher’s Medal

A photo of our actual 2016 medal

A mock-up of our 2017 medal.


Bib Pickups

You may pickup your bib and merchandise at one of the following pickups. You may pickup bibs for other people too if you have their permission. ID must be presented in order to receive a beer garden bracelet.

Friday, July 7th, 2017 –Ocean Gateway Terminal Building

2:00 pm to 8:00 pm

In conjunction with the Health & Fitness Exposition

Saturday, July 8th, 2017 — Ocean Gateway Terminal Building

5:30 am to 7:20 am

Preregistered runners may also pickup their race materials on race day morning at the Ocean Gateway Terminal Building.

ID Check (Beer Garden Access)

All registrants must present identification in order to gain entry into the beer garden. If you present your identification at one of the packet pickups before the race you’ll receive a wrist bracelet and you’ll be able to walk right in. Otherwise you’ll need to bring your identification with you on race day when you want to enter the beer garden. A bracelet will be attached to your wrist for you by a City of Portland Staff if you are at least 21 years or older. Bracelets can only be given to people who are present at packet pickup. Unfortunately, due to City of Portland regulations,  minors (even babies) may not accompany adults in the beer garden so please plan accordingly.

Half Marathon Wave Start

There will be two start waves for the half marathon race only. The first wave of runners will leave at 7:00 AM from the Ocean Gateway pier. Everyone assigned to this wave will be wearing orange bibs that say “Wave #1”. The second wave will leave at 7:03 AM from the Ocean Gateway queuing lanes. Everyone assigned to this wave will be wearing green bibs that say “Wave #2”. Everyone in both waves will cross the same start line timing mats. Your official time will be based on Net-Time (not Gun-Time). Your Net-Time will be measured as the difference in time when you cross the start line timing mat and the finish line timing mat. Your assigned placement into a wave, first or second, is based upon your pace time entered when you registered. Everyone with an estimated pace time that is faster than 9:00 min/mi will be assigned to wave #1 (orange bibs).  Everyone with an estimated pace time that is slower than 9:00 min/mi will be assigned to wave #2 (green bibs). When you arrive at the Ocean Gateway the start chute for wave #1 on the pier will be marked by two 12′ tall orange feather flags that say “WAVE #1”. The start chute for wave #2 in the queuing lanes will be marked by two 12′ tall green feather flags that say “WAVE #2”. You must start in the wave you are assigned.

Half Marathon Start Coral

A start corral process will be used to facilitate a more efficient and convenient race day experience for all participants in both waves. You will see tall signs lined up along the edge of the start chute with different pace numbers (i.e. 6:00 min/mile, 7:00 min/mile, etc.) You will seed yourself inside the stat chute based on your expected pace. In general the fastest runners will be seeded first in the chute and the slowest runners will be seeded toward the back. In the Wave #1 start chute the corral signs will range from 6:00 min/mile to 9:00 min/mile, and the Wave #2 start chute will have signs that range from 9:00 min/mile to 11:00+ min/mile.

The Wave #1 start chute is along the length of the Ocean Gateway pier. Wave #1 runners will first walk the length of the pier outside the start chute, turnaround, enter the start chute from the back end and then move forward towards the start line. The Wave #2 start chute is along the edge of the water inside the queuing lanes parking lot. Wave #2 runners may enter the chute through gates along the side or from the back end.

Pace Groups

Volunteer pace group leaders will be positioned in the pier and the queuing lanes, carrying signs with their assigned pace. You can meet the pace group leaders before the race in either of these areas. The group leader’s mission is to help runners achieve their personal goals by finishing the half marathon within a certain period of of time. Pacers will be running “even effort” which means that every mile will be run at approximately the same pace. The first mile will be relatively slower because everyone will be bunched together inside our “Runner’s Lane” down Commercial St. Due to varying conditions out on the course we can not guarantee the outcome for each pace group.  If you are interested in applying to be a pacer, click HERE for more information.
There are a total of 7 pace groups available.
1:30 (6:52/mi)
1:40 (7:38/mi)
1:50 (8:23/mi)
2:00 (9:09/mi)
2:10 (9:55/mi)
2:20 (10:41/mi)
2:30 (11:27/mi)
Start Chute On Pier

Start Chute On Pier

Course Description

The Shipyard Old Port Half Marathon starts at the Ocean Gateway Terminal and has a 3 hour and 15 minute time limit.

As soon as runners leave the Ocean Gateway Terminal they will turn left and then run down the westbound lane of Commercial St, that is closed to traffic (as we did in 2016).  Commercial St is the lifeblood of the Old Port district and one of the event’s defining landmarks. Portland’s working waterfront will appear on one side and the leading edge of the Old Port’s businesses will appear on the other.

At a point near the start the course turns away and passes by the Shipyard brewery – the title sponsor of the event. The last hill of significance begins on Fore St near the brewery (Mile 5.7) and ascends 90 ft. over a ½ mile stretch to the top of Munjoy Hill (a.k.a. Mount Joy).

While running along the shaded Eastern Promenade runners will be treated to sweeping views of the Casco Bay including many islands, ferries, sailboats, lobster boats, and paddlers. For the most part the course is flat because it hugs the coastline. Approximately 90% of the time runners will be looking at water. The first half of the course, which ends at the bottom of Eastern Promenade, is held on roads and the last half on park land via walkways including the Eastern Prom and Back Cove trails.

These wide and level walkways are either paved or cinder track. While the second half of the course is flat as a pancake and has the best waterfront views it is also more exposed to the rising sun. This is when the temperature and humidity will start to climb and runners will need to take-in more fluids.

In order for the half marathon course to be certified by USATF a short out-and-back section with a turn-around point was added between Mile 11 and the Aid Station at Mile 11.5. Runners will run to the right of a line of orange cones, turn-around, and run to the right of the same cones on the way back.

On the final 2-mile stretch along the Eastern Prom trail runners will pass by the old Grand Trunk Railroad swing trestle bridge, stuck in the open position since a fire in 1984. Runners will probably hold their breath for a moment as they pass by a sewage treatment plant. While stinky there’s a long concrete wall along the trail that features some of the city’s best urban art – a sanctioned area where graffiti artists can go wild. The race finishes at the Ocean Gateway Terminal in front of the ultra-modern Visitor’s Center building.

Water Stop Locations

Volunteers from Habitat For Humanity of Greater Portland will serve runners at each water stop. A portion of the proceeds from this event will be donated to Habitat For Humanity and support green building initiatives.

Mile 1.1: West Commercial St
Mile 3.1: Western Promenade
Mile 4.5: Underneath Casco Bay Bridge
Mile 5.8: Hancock St
Mile 7.2: Loring Memorial Circle
Mile 8.6: Back Cove Trail (in parking lot)
Mile 9.4:Back Cove Trail (Vannah Ave)
Mile 10.5: Back Cove Trail (near Payson Park)
Mile 11.5: Sewage Plant Rd
Mile 12.4: East End Beach

Porta-Potty Locations

Porta-Potties will be located at the start/finish and at the following locations on the course.

Half Marathon
Mile 1.1: West Commerical St
Mile 4.5: Underneath Casco Bay Bridge
Mile 8.6: Back Cove Trail (in parking lot)
Mile 11.5: Sewage Plant Rd
Mile 12.4: East End Beach

 Cold, Wet Towel Locations

Prior to the following water stops we’ll have disposable towels, soaked in ice water.  A volunteer will give you a towel to put on your head or neck.  Please dispose of the towel in an aid station trash can. We will still have misting tents at the finish area, but after consulting with races in Houston, Texas; we are going to offer the cold towels on course.

Towels will be located at the last 5 water stops.

Misting Tents On Course

Medical Support

Medical support will be provided along the entire course and at the finish line. Ambulances will be prepositioned on the course in case someone needs to be transported to a hospital. A special unit of Portland’s Fire/EMS on bicycles and special ATVs will constantly patrol the course on the Back  Cove and Eastern Prom trails. A crew of doctors and nurses courtesy of Mercy Hosptial Emergency Department will be positioned at the finish. At the following water stops we will have medical personnel to treat runners if they decide to stop.

Mile 8.6: Back Cove Trail (in parking lot)
Mile 11.5: Sewage Plant Rd
Mile 12.4: East End Beach

Awards (Half Marathon)

1st, 2nd, 3rd Male & Female in the following categories: Overall, Under-20, 20-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70+, Zeus (male, 190 to 210 lbs), Zeus (male, 211+lbs), Athena (female, 140 to 160 lbs), Athena (female, 161+ lbs).

The awards ceremony for the half marathon overall winners is scheduled to be held at 9:30am.  Age group awards can be claimed at the awards table starting at 9:30.  We will need to verify with the timer that we have at least three finishers listed for your age group, prior to giving out the age group awards.  Unclaimed awards will only be mailed if the recipient pays for the postage.

Zeus and Athena

The Zeus and Athena categories are weight-based divisions for men and women who want to compete with a different set of peers. Participation in one of these categories is OPTIONAL – you may select the Age Group category even if you qualify as a Zeus or Athena.

NOTE: If you select one of these categories it will appear next to your name in the Participants List posted on the race website.

Top Finisher Awards

Race Results

A disposable timing chip will be attached to the back of each person’s race bib. Please do not remove or fold the timing chip. Please insure that your bib is clearly visible on the front of your shirt.  It serves as a backup in the event that your timing chip does not function properly. The timing company will send you a text message and email after the race with your race results. When you register please be sure to include your cell phone number, carrier name, and email address.

Glass Mugs

image1 (1)


Wash down a pint of Shipyard beer after the race, or buy one as a gift, with one of our commemorative glass mugs. Each mug costs $6.

Short Sleeve Performance Race Shirts 

To align with our conservation ethic and reduce waste, our race entry fee does not include a race shirt. We take our shirts very seriously and only want to offer something that runners will appreciate. Our short sleeve technical race shirts are printed through full dye sublimation rather than screen printing.Runners must buy their shirt by May 17th, 2017, in order to be guaranteed the desired size on race day. Orders may be placed after this date, however sizes cannot be guaranteed – we will do our best to forecast the number of shirts needed after 5/17. Shirts must be claimed by a runner or their designee at one of the pre-race bib pickups or before 8:00 a.m. on Saturday, July 8, 2017. Shirts not claimed after this time will be forfeited. Shirts will not be shipped after the race. Each shirt costs $12.

Shirt Sizing Charts

Please see the following chart to determine your shirt size.
The following design was selected for the 2016 Men’s and Women’s race shirts.

Men's shirt is Slate with Lime stitching. Women's shirt is Caribbean with Sun stitching

Men’s shirt is Slate with Lime stitching. Women’s shirt is Caribbean with Sun stitching


Race Hats


Our race hats can be purchased separately for $15 when you register online, at packet pickup, and after the race. These white hats are made by Leslie Jordan and include the classic race logo on the front and the Shipyard Brewing Company logo on the back.